A Bird’s Eye View of Poland takes you on a musical journey through Poland by way of folk music. We will explore the different regions and musical styles. This program can be from 40 minutes to an hour in length and end with a singalong.

From a Land of Old Souls is a musical exploration of the Czech and Slovak Republics. From the “Beer Barrel Polka” of Bohemia to the exotic čardášes of Slovakia, this educational and entertaining program is the perfect introduction to the two nations that split peacefully in 1993.

Balkan Beat is a musical tour of Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia. Listeners will be treated to the waltz and polka rhythms of Slovenia, but after crossing a border or two, will be amazed at the irregular beats you encounter in Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania! Ends with a singalong in Croatian, and audiences will learn that it’s as easy to read Croatian as it is to read Spanish!

Especially for Seniors is a program of songs and tunes with ethnic origins that were popular in the U.S. in the 40s and 50s, including favorites such as “The Blue Skirt Waltz”, “Lara’s Theme”, the “Too Fat Polka”, and many more. This show is educational as well as entertaining; for example, did you know that “Dark Eyes” (Ochi chorniye) was written by a Ukrainian poet and a German composer? You don’t have to be a senior citizen to enjoy this lyrical and tuneful program!

From Oom-Pah to O-paa! will take you on a musical journey from Germany to Bulgaria. The four-square rhythms and diatonic melodies of Western Europe gradually morph into the exotic tunes of Southeastern Europe. Trace the route from Germany to Bulgaria and enjoy the ride!