Psychic Arts

tarot resizedMazurka Wojciechowska has been reading the Tarot since 1995. She has studied this art with Lucy Sachs (deceased) and Paul Quinn ( Tarot is an ancient art that can help open the door to our spiritual evolution. It is not a fortunetelling tool, although it can indicate the direction in which an individual is headed. Mazurka endeavors to help people see their potential and “light at the end of the tunnel” through these readings. She has been researching metaphysics for over 35 years and has studied the psychic arts with Sonia Choquette, who inspired her to pursue this professionally.

Russian Gypsy Fortunetelling Cards
russian card resizedMazurka has been reading Russian Gypsy Fortunetelling cards for about 18 years. These spreads help the subject to see present challenges and blessings as well as possible future events. She often does these readings in conjunction with a Tarot reading, although they can be done separately.

Mazurka has been studying astrology since 2006. Her main teacher was Christine Arens ( She was first inspired to explore this area of study after reading a stunning analysis of JonBenet Ramsey’s astrological chart by North Carolina astrologer Lynn Hayes ( To analyze a chart accurately, Mazurka will need your date of birth, exact time (for every four minutes there is a different degree on the Ascendant, hence the request for an exact time) and place of birth. If you do not have an exact time of birth, the chart can still be analyzed, but there may be inaccuracies. chart resized
Mazurka will write up an analysis of your astrological chart and include information on upcoming important transits. She will email you the analysis or snail-mail it to you, whichever you prefer. The rate is the same for both.

Mazurka reads cards at parties, and this is a blast! Each reading will take approximately 20 minutes and is done in private, unless otherwise requested.

Please contact for rates on all of the above.